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    Brand News
    Recyclable cosmetic packaging
    DATE:2017-9-1   VISITORS:791

    Biodegradable packaging of cosmetics is a viable option for the Chinese cosmetics industry, but the premise is the development of appropriate recycling facilities, according to a new manual. Sustainable cosmetics packaging: biodegradable and compostable options, in helping factory managers understand sustainable cosmetics packaging, and how it will affect future business.

    Cosmetics industry is increasingly used because of environmental damage caused by packaging waste, consumer concerns about packaging, with starch, cellulose and polylactic acid (PLA) made, relative to the traditional oil polymer.

    This biodegradable and compostable packaging is designed to be recyclable and recycled back to nature, and experts say it helps reduce landfill waste.

    However, this packaging is not only environmentally friendly industries, but there are not many systems to do this, listed in china.

    Then, it ends up in landfills, where it produces methane - a greenhouse gas that causes global warming. Experts also point out that the current use of sustainable packaging is limited because of its moisture barrier properties below its petroleum polymer counterparts. "So far, there's a limited number of commercially viable biodegradable and compostable cosmetic packaging materials," she said. Over the past five years, packaging vendors have introduced regulations for forecasting, consumer and recycling management regulations that will promote the demand for environmentally friendly packaging in many forms of biodegradable materials. From giant supermarkets, forcing suppliers to do tasks on switches is also effective.

    However, some companies say switching to "green" resources is not always simple or profitable.

    In May this year, countries around the world unloaded biodegradable packaging arms and it gave up its proprietary Greenseal technology to recycle cosmetic trays.

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