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    Brand News
    Commonly used anti-counterfeit technology in cosmetics packaging [ DATE: 2017-9-1 ]

    In the conventional anti-counterfeit cosmetics packaging design, often adopt an effective anti-counterfeiting technology, mainly: 1, paper, safe Paper is the basis of...

    Recyclable cosmetic packaging [ DATE: 2017-9-1 ]

    Biodegradable packaging of cosmetics is a viable option for the Chinese cosmetics industry, but the premise is the development of appropriate recycling facilities, acco...

    The future directions of cosmetic packaging design [ DATE: 2017-9-1 ]

    Cosmetics packaging to include appearance, product protection, product introduction, etc., in order to develop further. 1, cosmetics fresh-keeping packaging In order ...

    Changes in raw materials for cosmetic packaging [ DATE: 2017-9-1 ]

    In cosmetics, people are most concerned about the quality of cosmetics, so most of the competition is focused on the quality of competition. However, due to the develop...

    Techniques for choosing cosmetic packaging materials [ DATE: 2017-9-1 ]

    Because cosmetics are generally required to rely on product packaging, the current market, plastic or glass is the main material for cosmetics. But for the future cosme...

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